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Letters of Recommendation

Three Significant Results in Past Companies

Significant Achievements at Juniper     

  • 100% Growth Year over Year

  • Closed $5M new account at DWR against $20M Cisco relationship

  • Book of Business over $25M

Significant Achievements at NetApp

  • #1 SLED Rep USA FY18 Book of Business over $21M

  • Closed $5M new account at FTB against $100M EMC relationship

  • Closed over $10M with State Compensation Insurance Fund

Significant Achievements at Hewlett Packard
  • 8:10 100% Clubs
  • Presidents Club (#1 Worldwide 2 of 3 years)
  • Over $1B in Innovative Solutions
       Sold to CalTrans, WalMart and United
       Airlines during my HP Tenure.
Significant Achievements at PDI (PIFH)
  • Ran Modular Data Center Division offering “Agnostic” solution to Marketplace Championing Outbound Message.
  • Created $200M in Opportunity in First Year with CapEx/OpEx Message that resonated with Data Centers, Hospitals, Universities and Government Customers.
  • Sold First Data Containers to Bay Area Data Center and DOD.
Significant Achievements at Transparent Visibility (PIFH)
  • Significant Contribution to Business Plan Development which included the 16 Elements of Building a Business from Idea to Exit.
  • Significant Contribution to Original $2.5M Investment Raise being Awarded 212 Degree 18K Gold Ring.
  • Significant Contribution to Investor, Partner, Customer Meetings Creating over $1B in Future Opportunity in Retail Space.
Significant Achievements at Avaya (PIFH)
  • Unified Global Team of over 100 with Server Share Space and Customer Focused Communication Tools
  • Created $45M in International Opportunity and $5M in Domestic Opportunity first 90 days.
  • Introduced Innovative Solutions to attract New Generation of Customers to WalMart.

Significant Achievement at NetIQ
  • ​Closed largest Security Software order in company history $2M at Caterpillar. 
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