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Generate $$$Cash$$$ while in Job Search!

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If you are looking for ideas on how to find your next job check out my free eBook's plus some money making ideas to consider.

Starting an online business may seem frightening but, many transition career individuals are making big money from home with many different product ideas.  I list some below for your consideration.  

While in career transition, generating cash is a key challenge.  With many offers to start a franchise (very expensive endeavour) to considering lower paying jobs just to stay in the game, it can often be depressing (download free eBook on this page to check yourself daily).  Lot's of money is being made on the internet and I found this site along the the two below to give you some ideas to consider.  There is no obligation to join these organizations as they are just ideas for you to consider.   Good luck.


We actually started a business 5 years ago that now generates over $100,000/year in sales so we know it works.  Patience is key as it will take some time but, stick with it and it WILL payoff for you in the long run.

I'm another title

Here are more Internet Money Making Opportunities for you to consider. Again, you are under no obligation to participate as I just want to assist you in generating free cash during this time of transition.  God's speed to your next endeavour and I wish you much success!


Full disclosure: We make a small affiliate fee from

some buttons above.  If you like this content consider

Donating also.  Thank you and God Bless!!!

PennyStock EGG HEAD!  Generate cash from small investment with advice from another penny stock picker who is highly accurate! Click on the Hand Full of Penny's to learn more:

This short eBook discusses the most important word in life: Attitude.  Your demeanor is so important in all your interactions that can be picked up by everyone you come in contact with.  Bad attitude=Bad results where Good attitude=Exceptional Results.  You have a choce each and every day with your words, actions and Attitude toward both. 

This eBook has some short exercises for you to participate in as well as some outstanding quotes from the greatest minds of mankind.  


Networking is key for finding your next job as well.  99.999% of the answers to the question: What is the key to finding your next Job? "Who I know" is what all people say but, that is WRONG.  The true answer is "Who Knows ME"!  Network weekly to serve others and let them get to know you so that YOU are top of mind when a job comes up.


My free gifts to you.

More Free Gifts!  How to make your resume Stand Out!  Key interview questions before and after the interview. CoverLetter Tips to wow them.  10 key resons why you did not get the interview and pitfalls to avoid.  


Of course you are always welcome to view my "Brag Book" by clicking on the tabs above to see an example of life's results.  This format online and in hard copy has impressed every hiring manager I have ever interviewed with.  

PennyStock PROPHET!  Generate cash from small investment with advice from this penny stock picker who is highly accurate!  Click on the Penny to learn more:

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